Who is TonyBlack

TonyBlack: An Acid Techno live-act from the Netherlands. Devoted to raw and pure acid techno... and determined to do it the right way. As a consequence of doing everything live.. songs never stop evolving. At the moment, we are working hard to get a few of our creations recorded properly.. so we can finally get some TonyBlack material out on Vinyl or CD.

Oh yeah.. check out some of our latest mp3's while you're here. You can find them in a little box on the left of your screen. The one's with a little asterix (*) are very raw studio takes. They give you a good idea of what we're doing at the moment. There's also a whole machinery section.. with a full listing of our equipment, with lots of info and pictures of our studio.

Work in progress.

The site has moved from an old provider to a new provider and hasn't been finialized yet.

TonyBlack is a thing from the past, so we will put some old stuff up here..

Sound fragments